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Margaret Gilmore is an award winning writer,broadcaster, and analyst and a former Senior Associate Fellow with the leading security think tank RUSI (Royal United Services Institute). She specialises in national security, lecturing and writing on counter-terrorism, intelligence, Northern Ireland and the media. (Search the BBC, RUSI and other websites for her latest academic work and media appearances). She is also a Non-Executive Director sitting as Deputy Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, and a lead Assistant Commissioner for the Boundary Commission for England.  Margaret is the former Senior BBC Correspondent and co-author of the acclaimed book “The Terrorist Hunters”.



Margaret's latest media appearances and articles

Recent Media Work:

journalists mics

Manchester Concert Bomb

May 2017

22 concert goers, most of them children, killed when suicide bomber attacked foyer of Manchester Arena Concert Hall.

Severe Terror Threat Level

ITV, Good Morning Britain

Terrorist threat level changes

Charlie Hebdo shootings, Paris


Analysis behind the shootings

Pair convicted after giving money to Brussels bomb suspect

Sky News

Two men from Birmingham raised money for international terrorism which may have included partly funding the devastating attacks on Paris and Brussels.

Irish premier Enda Kenny suggests not all IRA weapons were put beyond use

The Telegraph

Enda Kenny raises possibility that AK-47 rifles used in Dublin murder might be left over from the Troubles

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